Congratulations to Eric Danielson Jr, Shawn Ashworth & Sean Goodfellow of the Super Sloths!!  They are your 2019 Fall AZPL State Champions!!!!                                                         The AZPL is hiring league operators statewide!!!  Talk to Mike!                        

The AZPL is on hiatus due to the Covid virus.

A few of you have asked what the plan is. Well, the plan WAS to start back up in July but that didn't work out. So here we are almost August with this shutdown extended indefinitely. Even if the shutdown is lifted tomorrow there is no realistic way we could have the AZPL state championships at the end of August. Too many restrictions. And in all honesty to pack the bar with 100+ people for 3 days at this point in the game could prove deadly for someone. That's not something I want to be responsible for.

In light of all of this I am cancelling the August AZPL State Championships.

In addition I am cancelling the Fall 2020 season.

We still have 4-5 more weeks left of the spring season. I have not made a decision on that yet.

We could conceivably complete that season in November/December. Only time will tell. Let's hope we can have the Championships in January.

That is all for now. Stay safe!


The AZPL is looking for league operators statewide!  Contact Mike if interested!

Results for the 50th State Championships are posted on the Statewide Champions page!

The Fall 2019 AZPL State Champions The Super Sloths!

Congratulations to

Shawn Ashworth, Sean Goodfellow & Eric Danielson Jr of The Super Sloths!

They are your Fall 2019 AZPL State Champs!

3 Person Teams - no limit on subs!
3-on-3 Round Robin format
15 week session (14 regular matches & the tournament!)
Call Your Ball & Pocket is our style of play
Matches last about 2 hours - You're done by 10:00 each night!
 Every team wins cash! Up to $750 for 1st in division!
$2,000 for 1st Place in the State Championships!
Traveling & In-House Divisions throughout Arizona!
Always accepting new players!
The most fun pool league in Arizona!
Thursday & Sunday Skip and Jan's Billiards, Wednesday 2 Lanes Saloon and Monday Flagstaff divisions sanctioned with ACS!
  2nd Place - The Flying Chanclas - Robert Berry, Darren Bradford & Harold Lyons

3rd Place - KDM Kue Klub - Kenn Clark, Dave Gabel & Mike Kerin!

Congratulations to our Fall 2019 MVPs & Trophy Winners!
Monday Flagstaff Traveling - Reynalda Cody & Anthony Begay
Monday Dave's on Northern In-House - Dolly Lucero & John Casey
Tuesday Globe Traveling - Maggie Boone & Steve Key
Wednesday Two Lanes - Carey Hudgings & Donald Hudgings
Thursday Skip & Jan's In-House - Laura Boothroyd & Robert Berry
Sunday Skip & Jan's In-House - Crystal Parada & Donald Hudgings
Top Rookie - Crystal Parada & Chad Purvis
Most Improved Players - Caity Bemis & Joe Demers

Opening Day is coming soon for the Fall season!  Here are the division start dates & locations:

Monday Flagstaff Traveling Division – Monday, September 7th at Stockman's

Tuesday Globe Traveling Division - Tuesday, September 8th

Wednesday 2 Lanes In-House Division - Wednesday, September 9th - All teams/players meet at 7pm

Thursday Skip & Jan's In-House – Thursday, September 10th – All teams/players meet at 7pm!

Sunday Skip & Jan's In-House – Sunday, September 13th - All teams meet at 1pm!



If you want to play and don’t have a team let me know and we’ll get you on one!  Thank you! 


Come visit  

Skip & Jan's
The Official Home of the AZPL!
Featuring 8 Diamond 7-footers & 8 9-footers!
Located at 1520 W Warner Rd #112 in Gilbert
on the northeast corner of Warner & McQueen
and the Globe home of the AZPL
2 Lanes Saloon
1515 E Ash St, Globe
3 tables!
and the Flagstaff home of the AZPL
7136 N Hwy 89, Flagstaff
3 tables & a full restaurant!


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