All of the following AZPL events are open to ANY current and former AZPL players!

AZPL EVENTS presents:

Globe Trot IV


An AZPL Christmas Party!!

Coming December 6, 7 & 8!

Humphrey's 2 Lanes Saloon

1515 E Ash St, Globe, AZ

Friday Night - 7pm - Singles Tournament - Race to 2 on the winner's side (for the first 2 rounds and hot seat match) / Race to the 8 on the loser's side / Double Elimination - If a player hits an 8-ball break (in a 1-game match) for the win the opponent will get the chance for a rematch IF they can run out all the stripes AND solids. $10 entry! 

Saturday - 12 NOON - Team Tournament - Teams of 3!  Limited to 24 players!  Double elimination!  You do NOT need to bring your team to this event.  At the start of the event the top 8 players will be captains and will be paired up with the bottom 8 opposite.  The middle 8 players will be drawn at random for each team.  $20 per person entry! 

Saturday - 1pm - Lunch buffet provided by 2 Lanes Saloon! Burgers/Brats/Dogs hot off the grill on their outdoor patio!

Saturday 4pm - Three Ball Tournament - $1 a round buy-in each round! Open to anyone!

Saturday 7pm - White Elephant Gift Exchange!  Bring a gift up to $20! 

Saturday 8 pm - Scotch Doubles / Singles Tournament - Double Elimination!  Race to 2 for the first round both sides AND final round!  $10 per person entry! 

Sunday 12 NOON - Singles Tournament & Lunch Buffet - Race to 2 both sides!  Entry is equal to your rating! 

Raffles!  Prizes!  Food!  Fun!

Support the locals!  Stop at the Liquor Stables, Shamrock, Drift Inn Saloon, Jammerz or the Huddle on the way in to town or at any time over the weekend and have a drink or order food on your way to 2 Lanes!  Bring your receipt to me and you’ll win a prize! 

Rooms are available!

Days Inn – 1630 E Ash St, Globe, AZ  928-425-5500 

Best Western Copper Hills Inn – 1565 E South St, Globe, AZ  928-425-7575  (right across the street)

Motel 6 – 1699 E Ash St, Globe (928) 425-5741!

The Biggest Party in Pool!

Over $13,000 in CA$H PRIZE$!

The AZPL State Championships!


Skip & Jan's – The Home of the AZPL!

1520 W Warner Rd, Gilbert - Northeast corner of Warner & McQueen

The Biggest Party in Pool!

Over $13,000 in cash prizes!

The AZPL 2019 Fall State Championships!

January 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th!

Skip & Jan's – The Home of the AZPL!

1520 W Warner Rd, Gilbert - Northeast corner of Warner & McQueen

Order of Events:

Thursday Night January 2nd!

 AZPL Singles Tournament - 7pm (1)

Thursday night singles tournament! 

3-game sets!  Handicapped!  Double-Elimination!

Limited to 32 players!  $10 entry

Sign up at 6pm!  Starts at 7pm!


Friday Night January 3rd!

 Player Appreciation Night!

 Wild Card Challenge - 6pm (1)

To win the Wild Card Tournament and become the 48th team in the State Championships you must go undefeated in a single-elimination team tournament that starts at 6pm on Friday.  It's still 3 on 3 but it's a race to 3 wins!  Whichever team wins 3 games advances!  Final 2 teams play a full 9-game match for the 48th spot in the tournament!

Scotch Doubles/Singles Tournament - 7:00pm, sign up starts at 6pm! (2) $200 ADDED!!

Players team up in a blind draw scotch doubles tournament to start on the 9’ tables!  When you lose on the scotch side you ditch your partner and flip into a singles tournament on the 7’ tables.  The final two players on the loser’s side team up to take on the scotch winners.   It's a race to the 8 in every round. $10 entryLimit 64 players! 

 8-Ball Break & Run Derby - 7:00pm, sign up starts at 6pm!  (3) $100 ADDED!!

Players compete by breaking & running out the table!  Every player racks their own.  You get one freebie shot on the break meaning you don't have to make one on the break to continue shooting.  However, if you scratch your turn is over with 0. An 8-ball break counts as 20 points.  After that every ball you make counts as a point.  It doesn't matter what you shoot at - be it solids or stripes - as long as the 8-ball is the last ball.  Once you successfully make the 8 you'll re-rack the balls and break.  You MUST make a ball on this break to continue shooting.  Once you miss a shot your turn is over.           If you hit an 8-ball break during the season the 1st one is good for double points in the opening round, the 2nd & subsequent ones are good for a do-over.                                                              There are 3 ways to become eligible for this event:

Be in the Top 3 league leaders for 8 ball breaks!!  Be the league leader for 15-0s!  Buy your way in!  $10 entry!


9-Ball/10-Ball Tournament on the 9-foot Tables - 7:00pm, sign up starts at 6pm!  (4) $100 ADDED!!

10-Ball Race to 2 on the winners side, 9-Ball race to 2 on the losers side - $10 entry Limit 16 players!

Ladies 8-Ball Singles on the 7s! 7:00pm, sign up starts at 6pm!  (5) $100 ADDED!!

It’s a race to 2 on the winner’s side & a race to the 8 on the back side as the women of the AZPL compete to see who’s the best! 16-player limit, $10 entry!


Saturday, January 4th!

AZPL State Championship Team Tournament – The Main Event! $1,000 ADDED!!

 Doors open at 9am – First group of teams start at 10am!

Local teams NO Entry / Out-of-Town Teams $100 Entry – Limit 32 teams! – First Place pays $2,000!!  Top 9 teams win cash!!

All day on the 9' tables: 8-person mini singles tournaments! $5 entry!


Sunday, January 5th!

AZPL State Championship Team Tournament – The Main Event! $1,000 ADDED!!

 Doors open at 8am

On the 7s - the Final 16 teams start at 10am!

On the 9s - the Third Elimination bracket! Starts at 9am!




The Fall 2019 AZPL State Championships!

January 3rd, 4th & 5th!

Over $13,000 in prize money!! Includes $1,500 ADDED By Skip & Jan’s!

Top 9 teams win cash!

AZPL State Championship Weekend!

Four days of fun held the first weekend in January, the first weekend in May and the last weekend in August every year!

Over $10,000 in prize money including $2,000 ADDED By Skip & Jan’s!

3-person team/14-week season/Every Team Wins Cash!     Divisions forming across Arizona!


480-217-2358          WWW.AZPL.NET          AZPL@COX.NET

Coming February 8th & 9th

AZPL’s first 5-man ACS & Las Vegas 8-ball warm-up tournament!

Skip & Jan’s on Warner & McQueen!

Doors open at 9am – Tournament starts at 10am


How to form a 5-person team for this event:

2 members must be core members of any 1 team. 

The other 3 members can be any AZPL member from any division who is currently playing or played at least 8 matches the previous summer or fall season.  Only 2 players rated 28 or higher per team.


Entry is $20 per person / $100 per team


First Place is $1,000* – Second Place is $750* – Third Place is $350*

*With 16 Teams!


We will have a selection of shirt styles with a cool new AZPL design on the back for those of you going to Vegas!  Order team shirts for both the ACS State Championships & Las Vegas for your entire team!

More to come....



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